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Call all Vietnamese readers! The I A Vietnamese Project is looking for your story for their collection of short stories, to be published later this year. My friend Jason tipped me off to this project. Here’s more about their mission:

The Vietnamese living overseas are a special group of people. We are a people without a land. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a culture. Regardless of our varying grasps of the Vietnamese language and our cultural heritage, we are bounded by our struggles, our values, and our parents’ quirkiness. In our hearts, if nowhere else, we are Vietnamese. The I Am Vietnamese Project aims to inspire and connect those like us to provide a sense of community while we struggle on own personal journeys, and to remind to us that we are not alone. We share the same hardships— overprotective parents, the inability to communicate, the struggle to incorporate western and eastern ideals, and the fear of disappointing others. As we read personal accounts of those like us, we feel inspired, connected, and like we belong.

Now that’s a purpose I can stand behind. There’s so many ways of being Vietnamese and that’s why I Am Vietnamese Project wants to hear your story. For more details of how to submit, take a look at their Writing FAQ.

You can write about anything, as long as it relates to the experience of being Vietnamese:

Tell us an exciting, sad, funny, or inspiring story about something that has happened to you or someone that you know. It can be about a variety of cultural identity topics—how you felt when you visited Vietnam, how it feels to be LBGT in the Vietnamese community, how you decided to chase an atypical dream profession, what it feels like to have an interracial or interfaith marriage, how it feels to serve Vietnamese patients or clients etc. The most important thing to let the words come from the heart.

This is such an important project because most of the Vietnamese American community I come in contact with is very conservative (including my parents). As you can see from above, they are aiming to be more inclusive. You can submit your works in English or Vietnamese.

The first draft of your submission is due by June 30, 2014. They’ll have editors to help you get your piece ready for publication.

If you’re not a writer, they are also looking for editors, graphic designers, and those who know the book industry. You can help by donating funds to help purchase books for communities who need it.

What are you waiting for? Support the I Am Vietnamese Project.

I am not affiliated with this project but I love what they’re doing!


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