Bing in The Classroom is a Win Win For Teachers and Students

This post was created in partnership with Bing.

Kids searching on Bing

My kids are definitely more tech savvy than I was at their ages. Even though he can’t read, four-year-old Jaxson handles the iPad and our home computer with more proficiency than his grandfather. Sophia just brought home her first Powerpoint presentation that she wrote all by herself. I’m not sure Powerpoint existed when I was in second grade. (Ok, I’m pretty sure.) She and her classmates spend plenty of time on computers during school hours.  Computers are great tools for the classroom.

At this age, kids are curious about everything and they’ve grown up thinking all answers are available on the internet. A quick search on the internet yields the answer they’re looking for. However, with over 20 students in Sophia’s classroom, I know that her teacher’s hands are full. She and other hardworking teachers aren’t able to watch over students every second they’re on the computer. That’s why I was excited to learn about Bing in the Classroom, which provides ad-free, safe search for schools.

Here’s a quick video about Bing in the Classroom:

Doesn’t that sound like a better learning environment for our children? Web searches that don’t have flashing ads and filters adult content. (I really hope Sophia hasn’t searched “twerking” on the web. . .Eek!) If your school isn’t using Bing in the Classroomsend the information to your school district’s network administrator. Also make sure you add your vote and show support for #adfreesearch!

Are you like me and tired of all the fundraising notices that my kid brings home?  There is a much simpler way to earn new technology for your child’s school. When you sign up for Bing Rewards, you can donate earned points to donate Surface tablets to schools. After you join Bing Rewards, every time you complete a search on Bing, try out new features or take advantage of exclusive offers; you’ll earn rewards for your child’s school. You can even have relatives and friends to sign up for Bing Rewards so they can help earn points too! Click on the same link to see how many points your school has already earned. Sophia’s school is behind, so I better start searching with Bing!

Bing in the Classroom is a win-win for all involved: parents, teachers, and best of all, our children.

Have you checked to see if your school has earned points on Bing Rewards towards their Surface tablets?