Asian Snacks: Kikiriki Drumstix Taste Test

Hmart Nongshim Kikiriki Drumstix

After walking by these fried chicken flavored Kikiriki Drumstix each time I went to H-mart, my husband finally convinced me to buy them. We’ve been waiting for an evening where everyone was home for dinner. Mainly my husband since he was the person who wanted to try these fried chicken things.

Kikiriki Drumstix Close Up

First of all, they definitely look like teeny little chicken drumsticks.  They were actually kind of cute. The savory snacks come in a sealed bag inside the box, but I just put some in the box so you can see how big they are. The Drumstix are very light and feel sturdy, no delicate like I expected.

Ready for Kikiriki Drumstix Taste Test

We passed the Kikiriki Drumstix around the table. I made my husband go first. I should have taken a photo of his taste test. I’m ready. I hope they’re good.

Kikiriki Drumstix Taste Test Result

As you can see, I was completely disappointed.The Kikiriki Drumstix had a slightly harder crunch than Funions. They actually tasted a little bit like stale Funions, but without the strong onion flavor. One bite was all I had. Jaxson asked for more, but he’s like Mikey. He’ll eat anything.

Usually we get lucky with our impulse snack purchases at the Asian market but the Kikiriki Drumstix Taste Test got a giant thumbs down.

What new to you snacks have you tried?

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