Quieting the Thoughts In My Head

A Well Tempered Heart by Jan-Philipp Sendker

This post was inspired by the novel A Well-Tempered Heart by Jan-Philipp Sendker, this month’s From Left to Write book club selection.

Sometimes I feel like my brain is on speed. My thoughts jump from topic to topic, sort of how my four-year-old acts when he’s been cooped up for too many snow days. If you were to document my thought processes, it would look like a jumble of random ideas. Thankfully the ideas make sense to me, even if the connections between them aren’t linear. All this jumping around inside my head makes it hard to fall asleep at night.

Every night I lay down and try to quiet the thoughts racing through my mind. I keep a notebook on my night stand to jot down ideas, inspiration, reminders. Anything to get them out of my head. I’ve tried different relaxation apps. I’ve tried meditation apps like Leonie Dawson’s Divine Dreaming Meditation. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

I’ve also cut back on coffee. (Nobody freak out, I’m still me.) Well, I try not to drink any coffee after 6PM. I even switched to tea, which is a teeny bit better. I’m also ending the night by reading for 15-20 minutes. Sometime’s it’s more than 20 minutes, but reading seems to calm my brain and helps me relax.

Sometimes I wish I could fall asleep anywhere like my husband. He tells me he’s not tired and BAM! He’s snoring less than five minutes after his head hits the pillow. I can only do that if I’m utterly exhausted.

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? What do you do to help quiet the thoughts in your head?

This post was inspired by the novel A Well-Tempered Heart by Jan-Philipp Sendker.  Feeling lost and burned out, Julia drops her well paying job at a NYC law firm. After hearing a stranger’s voice in her head, she travels to Burma to find the voice’s story and hopefully herself as well. Join From Left to Write on February 4 we discuss A Well-Tempered Heart. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes.



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