How to Eat Breakfast Everyday

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How to Eat Breakfast Everyday-I'm Not the Nanny

I’m a skipper. A breakfast skipper. Unless you count coffee as breakfast. Which I only count when pressed. I’m trying to change that by making breakfast a priority. It’s hard because  I don’t feel hungry most mornings. I’m just not a morning person, but I know how important it is to start my day off with a good breakfast.  I need to set an example for my kids by eating a healthy breakfast everyday. I have a plan on how to eat breakfast everyday.

1. Keep it simple. Because I’m too groggy most mornings (night owl here) to cook breakfast, I need to be able to make breakfast quickly. My kids love cheesy scrambled eggs. It’s super easy to make. I even taught Sophia how to scramble them herself. Even better, make breakfast the night before. Try my recipe for make ahead breakfast sandwiches or cream cheese stuffed French toast. The breakfast sandwiches are great because I just reheat them in my toaster over or microwave.

2. Eat a balance of protein and carbs. It’s easy to pour a bowl of cereal for breakfast but most cereals have way too much sugar which can lead to crash a few hours later. Then I’ll be hungry again. While my kids love their French toast sticks or hashbrowns in the morning, I also add a Stonyfield YoKids Smoothie or the new Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches to their breakfast. Some mornings they just have a huge bowl of plain Stonyfield Greek, and we top it with some chocolate syrup and a handful of granola.

Stonyfield Greek Cafe Latte New Flavor-I'm Not the Nanny

3. Try something new. I get bored eating the same foods over and over. My husband, on the other hand, could eat leftovers 2 or 3 days in a row. While I always have a cup of coffee in the mornings, I like trying new foods for breakfast. I’m not usually a breakfast food eater, but I have fallen in love with a new Stonyfield Greek flavor: Cafe Latte. Yes, I eat coffee flavored yogurt with my morning coffee. I see nothing wrong with that. I’ve tried other brands of  Greek yogurts, and they’re just too tart and chalky for me. The Stonyfield brand is smooth and creamy. The flavored ones have just the right amount of sweetness. I don’t want to feel like I’m eating dessert for breakfast.

You gotta try this#StonyfieldGreek! There are new flavors and newly improved flavors of Stonyfield Greek: Cafe Latte (my fave),  Black Cherry (new & yumy!), Blueberry, Strawberry, and Superfruits. As always, Stonyfield yogurt doesn’t contain pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.

4. Rotate between 2-3 foods.  As I mentioned above, I get bored eating the same foods everyday. However,  do have my rotation of quick and easy breakfasts: Stonyfield Greek yogurt (sometimes topped with granola); whole grain toast with 2 runny eggs; or toast with peanut butter. Plus a cup of coffee to wash it all down. See how each breakfast has protein and carbs? Plus they take less than 10 minutes to prepare. Well, just the eggs anyway.

Usually on the weekend our family has a big breakfast together. We have eggs, bacon, toast, fresh fruit and a giant vat of grits. We love our grits. Yes, my southern roots are showing.

How do you make sure you eat breakfast everyday? I need some tips!


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