How to Have A Perfect Movie Date at Home + Electronic Devices For My Dream Home Theater

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Perfect Movie Date at Home- I'm Not the Nanny #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

One of my goals this year is go on more dates with my husband.  With two kids and our busy schedules, I have found that it’s easier to have a movie date night on our comfy couch. Plus we can save money by not paying a sitter. However, you just can’t plop down on your couch for this special night. You’ll need to prepare not just your electronic devices, but your entire home theater environment for a perfect movie date at home.

1. Take turns picking out the movie. My husband does not have high standards when it comes to movies will watch pretty much anything. He’ll sit through 90 minutes of a bad movie just to see how it ends. I, on the hand, am pickier when it comes to spending 90 minutes monotasking. We compromise by taking turns picking out the movie. It was my husband’s turn so he picked out Joss Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing.

Perfect Movie Date at Home Step #2- I'm Not the Nanny #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

2. Prepare snacks and adult beverages.  I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one. As much as I would love a cocktail on weeknights after my kids are in bed, I’m usually working. On date night, my husband pulls out his cocktail shaker for my favorite: margaritas. Need a snack idea? Try my salted M&Ms toffee bars.

3. Set up the perfect home theater. We’re slowly upgrading our home theater to more up to date electronic devices, but if money were no object, I would have fun on my shopping spree. First I’d go to Best Buy’s showroom because I prefer to see and touch my electronics before I purchase them. I just bought my new desktop at Best Buy and appreciate the associates’ no pressure sales approach.

Sharp Aquos Smart TV Display at Best Buy- I'm Not the Nanny #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

While we were picking out a movie for our date night, I took the opportunity to check out Best Buy’s ultimate showroom for your home theater. My husband would love a bigger television for our dream home theater. I want a Smart TV for our living room. The huge Sharp TVs I found in the Best Buy showroom has everything we want. Would you choose the Sharp 60″ AQUOS Quattron LED 3D Smart TV or go for the Sharp 70″ AQUOS Quattron LED 3D Smart TV? I might never go back to a movie theater with a television that big in my home especially since the smart TV has apps like Netflix and YouTube.

Sharp Soundbar and subwoofer at Best Buy- I'm Not the Nanny #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

Having a big screen isn’t the only thing on our dream home theater wish list. We need a good sound system. I’m not familiar with soundbars, but luckily Best Buy has a home theater buying guide where I can learn more. I can build my own system, but this Sharp 2.1 channel soundbar with a wireless subwoofer won’t take up to much space in my living room.

Imagine watching the big game in my dream home theater! My husband would be over the moon.

4. Turn off all the lights. This might seem obvious, but I don’t always remember to turn off all the lights. We can watch our movie in the dark just like at the movie theater. Plus with the lights off, I can ignore all of my kids’ toys strewn on my living room floor. I wouldn’t want the mess to ruin our date night.

Perfect Movie Night Step 4-I'm Not the Nanny #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

5. Cuddle under a blanket. It’s uncomfortable to hold hands and cuddle at the movie theater, but not on my couch. This is definitely a perk of having a movie date at home. I can fluff the pillows and chill out with my husband.

Our first movie date night at home was this past weekend. While I didn’t care for my husband’s movie selection, it was lovely to hangout with my husband without the kids. (They were in bed.) Thank goodness it’s my turn to choose a movie next time. I’m considering Beasts of the Southern Wild.

It was fun to put together my dream home theater. While a giant television is not currently in our budget,  I plan on adding some home theater accessories making some upgrade after visiting the showroom. Plus Best Buy’s Low Price Guarantee you don’t have to worry about missing out on deals.  If you find a lower price, Best Buy will match it (see page for details). I’ve actually taken advantage of their guarantee for a tablet I purchased and it was super easy to do.

For great bargains on popular electronics, subscribe to the Best Buy Deal of the Day email. I’ve gotten incredible prices on blu-ray players, memory cards, DVDs and more from the daily deals. Best Buy is definitely the place to find #OneBuyForAll!

I hope this post will inspire you to have a perfect movie date at home!

Thanks #CollectiveBias for inspiring me to dream big for my future home theater.



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