Lucha Libre Tenico Tequila

Tenico Rudo Tequila Luchadores

Tequila named after Lucha Libre wrestling? Count me in for a bottle of Tecnico Tequila Reposado.

I’m a sucker for labels when it comes buying alcohol. I figured out since I was out picking up things for the kids’ birthday party, why not stop in the mega-liquor store? It was on the way.

I spotted this entire shelf of tequila based on Lucha Libre wrestlers. How cool is that? Even the caps are Lucha Libre masks! There were two kinds: Tecnico and Rudo.

Tecnico Reposado Tequila Luca Libre

I don’t know much about this Latin style of wrestling except that each wrestler has a cool costume and persona. Not unlike those American wrestling shows my husband use to watch. He called them soap operas for me. From the tequila’s website I learned that the tecnicos are the good guys and the rudos are the bad guys.

I love the playful design and bright colors of the labels on Tecnico and Rudo. Maybe I should save the labels for a collage. That would mean I need to try all six of the types of tequila they offer. It’s a sacrifice but I would do it for the sake of art.

Now I sound like a lush. A bottle this size will last me a few months as I don’t drink very often at home. When I do, it’s a beer with dinner or when I settle on the couch for a bad disaster movie with the hubby.

I haven’t cracked it open my bottle of Tecnico Reposado yet, but I’ll report back when I have. How should I consume it? Margarita, on the rocks or just do a shot? So many options. Maybe I’ll have it on the rocks for my first experience and go from there.

Do you buy food or alcohol based on its labels?

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