DC Fall Foliage Photos

Sun through fall foliage leaves

I couldn’t let fall go by without documenting the gorgeous, DC fall foliage. As a Louisianian, I didn’t really experience the changing of the leaves until we moved to Syracuse, NY. I definitely like the milder winters we get here in DC.

Red fall leaves blue skies

I took these at our favorite park. Usually I watch Jaxson run around and make sure he doesn’t knock over other kids with his enthusiasm.  I couldn’t ignore the red and orange leaves against the the backdrop of the clear blue skies.

DC Fall foliage

I wish I had my DSLR camera with me but I think my Samsung Galaxy S4 did a pretty good job. I took these photos last week and already the leaves have turned brown and rustle around our feet as we run from the slide to the swings. I’m glad I captured some of the fall foliage before that.

Do the leaves change where you live?


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