Meet Tini of VietKidsDC

Tini Dinh of VietKidsDC

Over the weekend, I met Tini Dinh, founder of VietKidsDC. Frustrated with the lack of options when it comes to exposing young children to the Vietnamese language, she started teaching classes herself.  Tini is multilingual. She speaks fluent English, Mandarin, and, of course Vietnamese.

I like that Tini’s program is not based on literacy, but allowing kids to hear Vietnamese being spoken around them. It’s more of an immersion-style program. While my kids haven’t attended the classes yet (VietKidsDC started this summer), if we lived closer, I would definitely sign up the kids.

I asked Tini to share more about VietKidsDC:


Tini’s family is bi-cultural, just like my family. Her husband is of Filipino descent and doesn’t speak Vietnamese. My husband isn’t Filipino but he knows enough Vietnamese to order his favorite Vietnamese dishes at a restaurant! She’s very passionate about passing on her language not just to her son, but for other kids in similar situations!

She’s offering a free Vietnamese language story time for kids of all ages this weekend on Sunday, September 22 from 3-4PM at the Arlington Central Library, 2nd Floor, 1015 N. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA.

The VietKidsDC Saturday program for kids ages 1-5 starts October 5th.  For more info and to register, visit VietKidsDC.