My Mixed/ Biracial/ Black Son

I’m been doing a lot of thinking since the verdict from the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case was announced over the weekend. I confess I haven’t been following the trial very closely, but I’ve kept a eye on my friends’ Facebook statuses and tweets about it. I wasn’t ready to immerse myself into it because I knew it would upset me.

The not guilty verdict saddens me, as it saddens and outrages many of my friends, many folks around the country. Someone said, “Just because we elected a black president doesn’t mean we’re post-racial.” Of course I wanted to add that only a wee bit over half of the United States voted for President Obama. We’re definitely NOT post-racial anything.

Over a year ago, I wrote a post a revelation.  About how, as an Asian-American mom, I didn’t realize everything that was necessary about raising a black son. To me, my son isn’t black or Asian or mixed. He’s my son. Unfortunately the world will want to label him because not having a label makes people uncomfortable.

I re-read the post I wrote in March 2012 and everything I said still applies. It broke my heart to know that eventually I’ll need to teach my currently 3-year-old son about the prejudice and profiling he’ll be subjected to as a young (and not-so-young) black man. The same things my husband experienced, not just in Louisiana but in Central New York and yes, even in the DC Metro area where we currently reside.

I hope you’ll read what Trayvon Martin’s murder revealed to me.

If you want to channel your outrage into action, read Kristen Howerton’s Finding Justice for Trayvon: 7 Steps For Our Outrage.