Weekend Family Philadelphia Getaway

This weekend, we surprised the kids with a weekend getaway to Philadelphia, PA. I had planned on driving up to Philly to attend #MomMixer, a blogger/brand event hosted by Whitney and Colleen. Why not make it a family trip? The last time my husband and I visited Philly, we were still kidless. And the only places we visited were places that involved a lot of alcohol. This time we came with a more family friendly agenda.

I let the family hang out at Mom Mixer for a little bit and then kicked them out so I could catch up with some friends. But not before they tried out some Koru Dairy Creamery style Yoghurt. The yogurt was a hit with the kids AND, pause for dramatic effect, my husband liked it. He is not a yogurt eater. I will have to hunt some down here in DC. I enjoyed the passion fruit while my husband liked the strawberry. Sophia liked hers plain which worked out because the fruit is at the bottom.

Onica & I. I’m loving my new Susan Graver necklace from QVC

I ran into Onica of Mommy FactorRuby from Growing Up Blackxican. I even made some new friends while we waited in line for our Lee Jeans fitting. I was one of the last ones before the Lee gals had to run to catch their flight. I’ve never worn Lee Jeans, but guess what? I’m down a size (Woohoo!) and my new bootcut jeans make my butt look really good! It’s hard to find jeans for my plus size body that fits well, is comfortable and flattering. I think I’ll have to order a couple more pairs in different washes.

After Mom Mixer, we checked into our hotel near Logan Square and started our adventure. Thanks to Yelp, I discovered a little restaurant, Rotisseur. They slow roast Amish chicken that is cage free, antibiotic free and hormone free. Plus it was reasonably priced. The kids and I split a whole chicken with mac’n’cheese and beet salad with a generous dollop of feta cheese, while hubby tried their fusion chicken banh mi.

He can’t resist a banh mi! The food was excellent and the kids discovered that they like feta cheese. Hubby liked his banh mi, but it wasn’t for me. I guess I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to banh mi. Tip: Right next door to Rotisseur is a mini-grocery store with an amazing beer selection. They even carried Abita, a Louisiana brand we love. I picked up milk for our hotel room plus a couple of beers for us to enjoy after the kids were in bed. The guy even gave me a keychain bottle opener so I could, you know, actually drink my beer.

On Sunday, we walked a couple of blocks to The Franklin Institute, a science museum. When I polled my friends about family friendly places to visit in Philly, The Franklin Institute came up several times. I was very impressed by the Franklin. I knew the kids would enjoy it and my husband and I had a great time as well.

I could write an entire blog post about The Franklin Institute. So I’ll give you some highlights. I convinced Sophia to try out this machine that creates charged electrons and made her hair stick out. It was pretty cool. We walked through a giant heart replica. Some of us even took a short nap during the planetarium show. The only nap Jaxson had that day! He was having too much fun to nap otherwise.

Jaxson loved the sports room because he got to kick and throw balls in the name of science. We even “raced” cars to test how fast we could react to a green light. Sir Issac’s Loft exhibit had plenty of interactive elements for everyone, including a light writing machine.

It was sort of whirlwind getaway since we were only in Philadelphia for two days and one evening. I’m glad I didn’t try to cram too much into the weekend. The kids loved visiting a different city. Plus the weekend gave my husband and I a much needed break from regular life. I didn’t have to stare at the pile of laundry or stack of dirty dishes over the weekend. Philly was only a two and half hour drive from DC so the kids didn’t complain too much about the drive.

We were all sad to leave Philly, but alas, it wouldn’t have been a getaway if we never left.

I think we’ll make a trip back soon. There’s so much too see! Have you ever been to Philly? What’s your favorite things to do or eat there?

I received gifts as #MomMixer attendee but was not obligated to write about it. We personally paid for hotel, Franklin Institute tickets and other travel expenses. All opinions are 100% my own.

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