Type-A Philly Was Awesome + Discount Code for More Type-A Goodness

My sketch/watercolor: view from our restaurant during Friday’s dinner

I am no longer a Type-A virgin. For years my fellow bloggers told me how great Type-A Parent conference was. Due to timing and budget issues, I was not able to make it to the conference until this past weekend. When Kelby Carr (the lovely creator and owner of Type-A Parent) hosted a similar 1 day conference in Philadelphia, I knew I had to attend.

L-R: Anne, me, Danyelle, & Lakesha

I learned so much and took so many notes that I hardly got any photos of my friends. Just, um, the food we ate when we went out. That’s a foodie for you. I did remember to get a photo with my roommates and I after brunch yesterday, right before we left Philadelphia. I met Anne during Evo last year-she convinced me to do the zip line and I’m glad I listened to her! She picked me up and we drove to Philly together. I met Danyelle of The Cubicle Chick and Lakesha from The Uncommon Chick for the first time this weekend. These 3 ladies are hilarious! I laughed the entire weekend.

A little #awkwardstretch with Annette from Collective Bias

I took crazy notes during the sessions I attended. There were so many good sessions and I hate that I had to choose between 3 for each time slot. Often there were two sessions I wanted to attend but they were at the same time! I think that’s the mark of a good conference. When the session topics are so appealing, you want to attend all of them! I took home many ideas that I can easily implement in my business right away.

Courtney & From Left to Write book club member Bay

I met lots of great bloggers (Hi!) and reconnected with good friends (Hey!). I apologize for not remembering to take photos of everyone. I only forgot because I was too busy talking to everyone.

If you haven’t registered for the big Type-A Parent Conference or Type-A Advanced New Orleans yet, I highly recommend it. I’m actually considering attending Type-A Parent Con in September. Now to figure out how to make my family’s schedule work for it!

Thanks to Kelby, I have a really great discount code for Type-A Parent and/or Type-A New Orleans to share with you! For one week only, you can save 25% off your registration to Type-A Parent and Type-A New Orleans with the code with the code PHILLYBABY. (Registration links are affiliate links because #typeaphilly taught me that affiliate marketing is pretty cool. I appreciate your support!)

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