Trying to Keep Breakfast Stress Free on School Mornings

Some mornings, I give myself permission to feed the kids cereal for breakfast.

School mornings can get pretty hectic in our home, as I’m sure it is in yours. Lately I’ve been falling behind on making breakfast sandwiches and burritos to freeze. Plus we were getting a little tired eating the same thing every morning. Instead of stressing myself over cooking for breakfast, I take a more relaxed approach everyday breakfast routine.

So in honor of National Breakfast Week, I’m giving you a little peak on our crazy mornings. Ready?

However, I can’t let them eat only cereal for breakfast! (Ok, sometimes I do.) Last week I headed to Safeway grocery store to take advantage of their Buy 4 Save $4 sale to replenish our breakfast options. They had a huge list of items and if you purchased any 4 on it, you would save $4. Not a bad deal, especially if you have coupons, since Safeway doubles coupons up to $.99.

Thank goodness he wasn’t really driving the shopping cart.

I don’t blog about couponing very often, but it coupons play a huge part in our family budget. We eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and that can get quite expensive, especially in the middle of winter. So I use coupons to save money on our other groceries to balance out the cost of produce. I printed out some cereal and Seattle’s Best coffee coupons to further stretch my budget-both of these items were part of the sale.With the money I saved on coffee, I bought peaches and nectarines for the kids.

The kids often beg for cereals like Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. It’s too sweet for me. As a treat, I picked up a box for them. They’re allowed to eat sugary cereal if they balance it out with other healthy foods. My little guy happily munched on his cereal along with the sliced peaches and turkey sausage I served him. With a glass of his favorite soy milk next to him, he’s a happy camper. I’m happy with the compromise.

(Last summer my mom got him addicted to Silk soy milk, so now soy milk has become a fixture in our fridge. I tried to save money buy purchasing another brand for him, but he totally called me out on it. Luckily there were Silk coupons to print on their website.)

Look, it’s coffee art!

While the kids eat their breakfast (that I didn’t have to cook), I brew my requisite morning coffee. Making coffee in a French press takes a little more time than using a coffeemaker, but it’s become a morning ritual. I also think that the coffee tastes better when brewed this way.

If I have time, I drink my it in my favorite mug. I love the affirmation of “Comfort, Enjoy” each time I take a sip. Usually, I don’t have time to thoughtfully sip my coffee so I dump it in my travel mug and take it with me to the school bus stop. After my oldest gets on the bus, I head home and fix myself breakfast. (Yesterday, I made myself a mocha by using the kids’ Silk chocolate soy milk in my coffee. YUM!)

Not everyday is like this. If I’m awake enough, I might even fry eggs for the kids. Some days they eat yogurt topped with chocolate syrup or cereal. So there you go. That’s what mornings are like in our family. Don’t forget to add in plenty of “Hurry up and get dressed!” and “Don’t forget to brush your teeth!”

How do you keep your morning rituals low stress?

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Safeway. All opinions and cute, opinionated kids are my own. To see my shopping experience at Safeway, check out my Google+ album. #cbias #SocialFabric

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