On the Moo-ve w New YoKids Smoothies w. Giveaway

As a Stonyfield Yo-Getter, I was challenged to take my family on an outing and try out their new YoKids Smoothies. I confess that on the weekends I’d rather curl up with a book and let the kids play video games with their dad. However it’s not necessarily quality time. I’m making more of effort of not sleeping in (as late) and heading out to explore all the cool things the DC metro area has to offer. (Keep reading for a chance to win some YoKids Smoothies coupons.)

A few weekends ago, the kids and I trekked to Brookside Gardens‘ Annual Maple Syrup Festival. It was definitely an impromptu trip. I found out about it the day before. We’ve gone to Brookside Gardens in the summer for their beautiful gardens and their butterfly exhibit. This was the first time we made a winter time visit.

Me taking a photo of Sophia taking a photo of a tapped maple tree

The kids love maple syrup on their waffles and pancakes plus they’ve seen the Curious George episode about tapping maple trees. So I figured they would want to see the real thing. The festival did not disappoint. We saw the clear maple sap drip, drip, drip into a tin bucket. Watched someone cook down the sap over a wood fire. The best part was it was a gorgeous day. The sun was out and there was hardly any wind. It felt good to walk and play in the all that fresh air!

Maple syrup snowcones

The kids loved all the maple tastings: clear maple sap, maple syrup snow cones (yum!), and mini pancakes with maple syrup. We even picked up a miniature bottle of maple syrup to take home. I even stood in line for half an hour to purchase freshly made kettle corn for the kids. They thought it was totally worth my time in line.

Besides plenty of outdoor activities to keep the kids busy, there were crafts and natural discovery rooms indoor as well.  After a few hours at the festival, we were all exhausted. And hungry. I thought there would be food for purchase at the festival, but alas it was just maple syrup snowcones and kettle corn. I’m glad that I planned ahead and packed some Stonyfield YoKids Smoothies in a cooler bag.

Look mom, a smoothie mustache!

We made it back to the car after much whining and complaining. I’m so tired. The car is too far away. Oh and don’t forget I’m so hungry. I whipped out the kid-sized bottles of YoKids Smoothies to keep them quiet for the drive home.

I’ve purchased different kinds/brands of yogurt smoothies on the kids and YoKids Smoothie is the first one that Sophia loves. Loves. The first time she drank one, she asked for another. I was shocked. And glad because I trust Stonyfield products. The smoothies are made of real organic fruits and veggie puree (sshhh!) and contains a third of the recommended daily serving of calcium for kids. They’re healthy and delicious. In fact, my husband, who is not a fan of yogurt, snuck a few bottles for his breakfast.

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As a Stonyfield Yo-Getter, I received YoKids Smoothies for our family to try out, 52 Fun Things to Do in the Car deck and a giftcard to take a family outing. All opinions are my own.