A Life List #Fail (Maybe Just a Setback)

Tuesday night I dragged myself out of bed. Partly because I wasn’t feeling sleepy and because I had not done my 20 minutes a day to work on my new life list item: learning to read and write Vietnamese.

Since I told you all that I wanted to do this, I was feeling motivated. It was past midnight. I grabbed the textbook and the CD-ROM. After I inserted the CD into drive, I got this error:

Click to see it bigger

My Windows 7 computer basically told me that the program on the disk was too old to run. I spent more than twenty minutes tweaking with the compatibility options.

No go. Total epic fail. (Ok a little dramatic but it was 1AM by then.)

I contacted the publisher, but haven’t heard back yet. This CD was published in 1995 so you think there would be an update.

Now I’m back to square one. There are instructions in the textbook but the point was to help me associate words with the sounds I say and hear. Those marks that indicate tone are confusing to me. I remember learning some of them when I was in first grade, but the memory is vague.

Time to research for more options. Let me know if you know of any Vietnamese language programs for native speakers.

Well I guess it wouldn’t be on my life list if it was easy, right?