O Christmas Tree, I’m Glad Your Branches Are Pre-Lit

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but Thanksgiving evening I dragged my sister out to Target for their Black Thursday Friday sales. There was a long line but once we got into the store, I bee lined for the holiday department. There you go, ladies and gentlemen. I went to a Black Friday sale to pick up an artificial Christmas tree.

Over the weekend, we finally unboxed it: our first pre-lit Christmas tree. It was pretty easy to set up, even though hubby wouldn’t let anyone assemble it until he read the instructions. If you don’t count the feet on the stand, there’s only 3 pieces to the tree.

Once the tree was up and fluffed, the kids made a mad rush towards the ornaments. Let’s just say that the bottom of one side of the tree is heavily decorated, thanks to Jaxson. I didn’t fuss over where they put the ornaments-that’s the fun part right?

How do you decorate for the holidays?

Oh, and yes, there is a preschooler-sized golf set in front of the tree. In case Santa wants to practice his swing when he stops by.