Day 6: Rainbows Over Tortola (Video & Pics) #BreezeMiami


Today we stopped at the island of Tortola. I woke up super early (for me), and everyone was still asleep. I had a bit of time to myself and it was a real treat.

We kept today low key and just walked around Tortola. We found a spice shop/art gallery where we sampled hibiscus tea. It was pretty good, though a little too sweet for my tasted. Sophia, however loved it.


In Tortola, there are chickens everywhere. They just walk around town. I might have cracked a “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke. The kids were mesmerized by this hen and her babies. Look, a chicken butt! Dangit! I forgot to make chicken butt jokes. I know, I’m not 12 years old anymore.


The buildings in Tortola are so colorful. That’s what I’ve noticed about the Caribbean. People are not afraid to use color.

Tomorrow is a day at sea. I’m kinda glad for the break. Being at a different port three days in a row wears me out. I’m looking forward to a lazy day by the pool.

Carnival Cruise has invited my family on the Carnival Breeze. All opinions are my own.

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