Day 4: Taking It Easy on St. Thomas #BreezeMiami

I can’t believe it’s day 4 already on our Carnival Breeze cruise! Today we visited our first port, St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands. We didn’t have a specific plan for today because tomorrow we’re going on an excursion. I wanted to take it easy today.

Here’s my short video with an update of what we did on St. Thomas. It rained after we returned to the ship, so the island has a mysterious foggy air about it. It’s gorgeous!

The butterflies in the garden were very active so it was hard to get photos of them but we managed to get a few. My favorite shot is this one:


The sign says: Beware of Attack Butterflies. It really should have said, Beware of jumping iguanas. The sad part is that the iguana hightailed it out of there so fast, I didn’t even get a photo. So you have no idea if I’m telling the truth. Trust me. Ask the kids about it.

Last night Carnival invited my husband and I to dinner at Fahrenheit 555, the ship’s steakhouse. It might have possibly been the best meal of my life. When the water put the prime beef tartar in front of me, I was skeptical but it was luscious. The chef topped the tender beef with, wait for it, vanilla ice cream. Seriously. Ice freaking cream on my beef. Now that is something I can’t make at home.


Of course I ate some steak. Spice rubbed to be exact. I won’t torture you with a photo. Right. I know you want to see it. I couldn’t finish all 18 ounces so the kids ate the leftovers for breakfast. That’s gotta get me some good mom points.


More to come. Is there anything you want to know about the Carnival Breeze or cruising in general? Leave it in the comments.

Carnival Cruise has invited my family on the Carnival Breeze. All opinions are my own.

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