A Few More Cruise Photos & Merry Christmas to You! #BreezeMiami

I’ve been meaning to give you another update on our cruise adventures. I’ve been tackling emails and other things (like cooking dinner) since we returned. Plus some last minute Christmas shopping!

It was easy to forget that Christmas was only a couple of weeks away. Especially when the skies are blue, the ocean is clear and the weather is absolutely gorgeous.

Here’s what happens when you try to take a photo of mom bloggers and other members of our press group. Kids photo bombing the shot.

Gorgeous sunset on our last night on the Carnival Breeze. I couldn’t pass it up without taking copious photos.

I miss someone bringing me breakfast in bed everyday. See, another reason I need a cabana boy. Santa, are you listening?

Look, an honest to goodness lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. I almost want to move there (except for hurricanes and lack of wifi probably). No, I didn’t alter that photo. It really was that blue out there in the Bahamas.

A huge Christmas tree we found walking around downtown Miami. Again, kids who refuse to stay still for photos. Makes the photo more interesting, right?

There’s a forecast for snow this evening. I hope we get a little bit because that will make the kids happy.

For those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas! For those of you who don’t, enjoy a day off!

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