Singing Vietnamese During Class

I confess that I’ve been pretty loose about speaking Vietnamese to the kids. I don’t really have a plan anymore. I make the effort when I remember. I guess I’m just more comfortable speaking English.

As you know, Jaxson and I have been taking Music Together classes. The teacher assembles one of those foam mats for us so we don’t have to sit on the cold hard floor. Since we always arrive early to class, Jaxson and I play games together. I call out colors in Vietnamese and he jumps into the matching square. Or we hop on the squares and count them. It’s easy for me to manage colors and numbers in Vietnamese. 
Our teacher has been listening to our Vietnamese word play before class for several weeks. We’ve talked about it briefly. One week, we sang a song that involved counting, “Beehive.” This time, for the second verse, Colleen (our teacher) asked me to sing the counting part in Vietnamese. Jaxson even chimed in for a few numbers.
Here’s the really awesome part. 
For the next few verses, the other parents/caretakers added their languages to the song. We counted in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and French. We have such a diverse group of women and children in our class (sometimes the occasional dad joins) and I’m glad that we could share a teeny bit of our culture with each other.
Singing 1-2-3-4-5 in Vietnamese reminded me that it’s the little things I do that Jaxson will absorb. I don’t have to sit him down and give him lessons. 
I just need to speak to him in Vietnamese about the everyday things we do.

In exchange for sharing our family’s experiences with Music Together, Jaxson and I are taking the fall session compliments of Music Together Montgomery. All opinions are my own.