Always A Loyal New Orleans Saints Fan

Hubby with his 2013 Saints custom calendar from

Ever since I met my husband, he has been a New Orleans Saints fan. Back in the day, the Saints were not one of the best teams in the NFL. (I wanted say “one of the worst,” but my husband made me spin it to sound better.) No matter what city we moved to, he was always loyal to the Saints. Also, his love for the Saints was the only thing my husband had in common with my dad for the longest time. You know, after my parents finally started talking to him.

I remember the night the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV. Not because I’m an avid sports fan. Nope because my husband was on the edge of his seat the entire night. Jaxson was just a few months old, but my husband put Jaxson in a Saints jersey that was 4 sizes too big. Together, they watch the Super Bowl. Actually Jaxson slept through almost the entire game. Towards the end of the game, my husband was so nervous and worried for the Saints that I had to take the baby away from him. I thought he might drop the Jaxson.

Thank goodness the Saints won.

Though I’m not into sports, I love that my husband gets so excited by football. All those years following a losing team paid off. Now, everywhere he goes, he wears his Saints Super Bowl Championship hat that my mother bought him. It’s a great ice breaker. Who know there were so many Saints fans in the DC metro area?

I can’t look! Don’t drop the ball!

My husband is also working on the kids. We’re going to be a family of Saints fans soon. Jaxson is always excited to wear his black and gold jersey since it finally fits him (but not for much longer-he’s growing fast). I wonder if they make pink jerseys. Sophia would totally wear it.

My husband is hard to shop for. It’s not because he’s picky. It’s because he never asks for much. I try to give him sports related gifts because I know it’ll make him happy. One year I gave him a football video game for Christmas. The fact that the Saints were on the cover? Bonus points for me. My mother just bought him a Drew Brees football jersey, number 9. I have no doubt my husband is going wear it every Sunday until football season is over.

Now I just have to figure what Saints related paraphernalia I should buy him for his birthday AND Christmas this year. (They’re only a few days apart). Ideas? Suggestions?

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