Learning Vietnamese with Dino Lingo Kids Program (Review)

When one of my readers left a comment about the Vietnamese Dino Lingo program, I knew I had to try it out with the kids. I was excited to see that Dino Lingo offers language learning for kids aged 2-7 in many different languages, including Vietnamese. I contacted Dino Lingo and they sent me their Vietnamese program to try out with the kids.

The kids and I tried out the free Vietnamese lesson they offered on their website. The short video was a cute and fun. The animations drew them right in. As soon as our set arrived, both Jaxson and Sophia begged to watch. How could I say no?

The main part of the program is the DVD set. Each set includes 5 DVDs with music and animation exactly like the short clip we watched. Each DVD runs for about 30 minutes and each one covers themes such as numbers, food, things around the house, etc. Vietnamese is the only language spoken during the videos, providing the kids with an immersion experience. As the dinosaurs introduces colors or objects, the Vietnamese words are shown as well. I love this because it’s giving me a refresher on my Vietnamese literacy.


We tried different Vietnamese language programs throughout the years, both for my husband and for the kids. Right away, I could tell that the voice on the DVDs was a native speaker. She spoke in a conversational, informal tone unlike some of the other programs which can be a bit more formal. The dialect is slightly different than my family’s Vietnamese but it didn’t bother me too much.
At first Jaxson (my toddler) was more excited than Sophia (almost 7 years old) about the videos. When she realized that she actually understood more Vietnamese than she thought, she loved watching them as well. Sometimes the kids would repeat after the voice, other times they just watched. While they’re not speaking fluent Vietnamese after our two weeks of light watching (2 times a week), I have noticed a change. Jaxson is speaking more Vietnamese. Sophia doesn’t mind as much when I speak Vietnamese to her. I think it’s because her confidence in the language has increased due to the videos.
The full kit also comes with flash cards, maps, posters, and a parents guide. None of which I’ve used regularly yet. They kids actually thought the flash cards were fun. It was a game for them to see if they knew the Vietnamese word for each picture. If I used them more consistently, they would reinforce what the kids are learning from the video. The flash cards are business card size with about the same durability. I would have preferred a larger size, maybe even on heavy cardstock or laminated even. After all, Dino Lingo is geared for children as young as 2 years old.
Overall, I’m very impressed with Dino Lingo’s Vietnamese language program. It’s sort of been a refresher for me as well. The kids have watched the DVDs often, which is high praise considering all the other viewing options we have in our home: Netflix, DVDs, etc. The program is a good way to introduce your children to the Vietnamese language.
Dino Lingo’s full home education set costs $160, which is worth every penny. If that’s not in your budget, go ahead and spring for basic set for $100 which includes the DVDs and the flash cards.

I think I should make my husband watch the videos. I think he would learn more Vietnamese this way.

Have you tried Dino Lingo’s programs? What language and how did you like it?

I received the Dino Lingo Vietnamese for Kids full set for review. All opinions are my own.


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