4 Ways to Get Your Work At Home Mojo Back

Photo by puresolitude via Creative Commons

My summer was great. My kids spent three weeks at Camp Grandparents and I was only with them for one week of it. I attended some amazing blogging conferences. We all had more than our share of lazy pajama and tv days. We had a ton of fun, but school starts soon.

Now I need to get my brain out of summer vacation mode and back to a work mindset. It’s taking more time than I anticipated. As you know I work at night, after the kids are in bed. Some nights I’m so productive, I crank out 5 blog posts. Other nights, I’m lucky if I answer all the important emails.

I have a plan to get back my work at home mom mojo. The tips probably won’t be new to you but when you do them all together, that’s when the magic happens. That’s my plan anyway.

4 Ways I’m Getting My Work at Home Mojo Back

My new calendar, scribbles and all
  1. Get my family back to our routines. The kids’ bedtime has been fluctuating all summer. Some nights they went to bed at 7:30pm other nights 9pm or later. With school starting soon, I needed to get them back to a semblance of a routine. Once I know that my kids will be asleep by 8 or 8:30 every night, then I can plan my work to-do list accordingly. 
  2. Use my calendar. My editorial calendar has been neglected most of this summer. I mostly used Google calendar for important deadlines. I use a paper calendar to plan the posts on my blog. The grid system in my calendar allows me to see deadlines for all of my blogs at a glance. I’ve been using my new calendar for almost 3 weeks now. It doesn’t matter what system you use for your blog’s editorial calendar. The important thing is that you use it. Consistently. I’ve been using mine consistently for 2 weeks now. When I first sit down to work, I take a look at my editorial calendar first. Then tackle emails, blog posts, etc
  3. Set specific work hours. I love social media. That means it’s easy for me to work all day. I can shut down my computer or laptop, but then I check Twitter or Facebook on my phone or iPad. Our brains need a break from the fast, endless streams of information on social media. We need time to think about the cool stuff we’ve learned. My work hours are usually between 9pm to 1am, Sunday through Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays are our family time. Hubby and I even try to throw in an at home date night every now and again.
  4. Schedule downtime for yourself. You need to relax too. Give yourself 30 minutes playing Words with Friends or watching your favorite reality show. Decompress a bit before you start working. Clear your busy day of bickering kids, a sink full of dirty dishes, and dirty diapers from your head. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but at least once a week.
See, you already know all of this. Just do them all together. Try it and see how it works for you.
While you and your family adjusts to the new routines and schedule this fall, drink lots of coffee. Or whatever your preferred caffeinated beverage is. 
I know I will be because this night own will have to get up early in the morning for bus stop duty. Yikes!