We’re All #SomethingFierce

Blogalicious 2010 137
Sheila (on right)  & I at Blogalicious 2010

Last night’s dinner at Evo Conference was incredibly inspiring. All of the speakers shared their wisdom, their love, and their faith in us during the Ignite Keynote. None inspired me more than the lovely Sheila Dowd of the Clever Girls Collective. I met Sheila over 3 years ago at the very first Blogalicious. I was so excited to meet another Asian blogger. She is so smart, funny, and most importantly, nice. I was just barely a blogger back then but that didn’t matter to her.

Sheila poured her heart out to a crowd of bloggers tonight. Sheila shared her journey as a battling breast cancer. Sheila asks us to “Fight like a girl!” just like she did. As women, we’re all #SomethingFierce. No matter what our dreams or passions are we must fight hard. Great words of wisdom that apply to so many aspects of our lives.
To symbolize her battle, Sheila asked some of us to don a blue wig. She may have lost her hair during treatment, but she learned to fight fierce. So, there I am. With an electric blue wig, ready to be #SomethingFierce.
Do you want to be fierce too? Head over to #SomethingFierce to learn more!
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