Camp Grandparent aka Vietnamese Immersion Camp Update

The kids have been around my parents for over two weeks now. They’ve spent lots of time outdoors, splashing in the kiddie pool plus puddle hopping (thanks to their aunt!). You’re probably wondering how my secret plan to get the kids to speak more Vietnamese is working.

So far not bad. Jaxson, who’s 2 1/2, is picking up plenty of Vietnamese. Our family speaks a mix of English and Vietnamese so that’s what the kids are doing. Interspersing Vietnamese in their English. I wish there was cool combo word for it, you know like Splanglish for English/Spanish mix. Vinglish? Englamese? I think that needs work. 
Sophia is probably picking up more Vietnamese than I realize. She’s a bit more self conscious about speaking it in front of my parents. I have notice that sometimes she’ll answer me in Vietnamese when I ask her questions. 
The downside about Grandparent Immersion Camp? Jaxson is picking up idiomatic expressions that are not age appropriate! My parents think it’s hilarious, but I high doubt knowing how to say something the equivalent of, “your mamma” will be useful to him. My parents even egg him on and encourage it! But that’s what grandparents do right?
Both the kids, my sister, and my parents are enjoying their time together. The kids are full of energy and my parents aren’t as spry as they used to be. I hope my parents recover so we can do Camp Grandparent again next year!