The NO Monster Has Arrived

Always running

I’m not sure when my sweet toddler turned into a crazy kid. Now he’s gone from bossing me around to saying No! to everything I asked him to do. His defiance and need for independence is developmentally on track. It’s just so frustrating! I’m trying to remember how I dealt with this stage with Sophia. That was many years ago.

I’m attempting to teach him the skill of picking up his toys. (Those Legos are like booby traps.) Every time he plays with them, he finds it necessary to dump the entire bin on the floor. The sound of Legos crashing on the floor makes me cringe in terror. Thankfully they’re the larger, toddler sized Duplos.

I’ve tried asking nicely. Saying please even. He’s good at saying please and giving me puppy dog eyes when he wants something. I guess I’m not as cute as he is. Please doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried threatening. Yes, I know it doesn’t work, but I try anyway. I try to bargain with him. Depending on the bribe bargain, it works. But I don’t want to make it a habit.

When will my No Monster go away and bring back my cute, sweet boy?

Soon, I hope.