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Goddess Habits

Yesterday I sort of unplugged for about half and hour or so. I didn’t check my phone (ok maybe a little bit) or open my laptop. Instead, while Jaxson watched some PBS Kids, I sat on the couch with my  2012 Creating My Goddess Year workbook and my little notebook where I jot my blogging ideas.

I really didn’t plan to unplug. The past few days my sinuses have made my brain all cloudy.  I haven’t been able to sleep at night because I can’t turn off my brain. All these ideas rush around and keep me up. Add a little of insomnia to that and getting up super early (for me) to get Sophia to the bus stop in time. I just couldn’t concentrate well enough to read a book, write a blog or even answer emails.
I thought I would tackle all those ideas racing around in my head. Maybe I could actually get some sleep. Even though I’ve worked on several pages in my 2012 Creating My Goddess Year workbook, there were more pages I had yet to explore. I flipped through my workbook aimlessly because my sinuses made it hard to concentrate.
I randomly stopped on a page. My Key Goddess Habits was written at the top. I’m telling you, I think the universe was trying to tell me something when I found this page. As I read Goddess Leonie’s 10 Goddess Habits, I thought, I need this. She even includes a tip sheet on how to create your own list.
Goddess Habit #9 switch off to focus and #10 switch off at least 30 minutes before bed resonated with me. They were my AHA for the day. I needed to sit down and focus on my thoughts. Unplugging to focus and write them down would help me sleep. Putting away my electronics before I went to bed would help me sleep. Usually I work late into the night until I’m exhausted or I notice how late it is so drag myself to bed. There’s no downtime for my brain.
I’m creating a wind down Goddess Habit for my brain. I’ll turn off my computer, hide my phone, and snuggle up with a book or chat with hubby about his day. My brain needs to transition from work time to relaxation time to rest time.
Every time I flip open Goddess Leonie’s 2012 Creating My Goddess Year workbook, I get a new AHA. Her colorful workbook pages help me see what I’m doing in a different light. Read more in my review on Cup of Creativi-Tea.

The 2012 Creating My Goddess Year is a PDF download and is $9.95. I took my printout to an office supply store and had it wire bound for about $4. You can also purchase a 2-workbook or 5-workbook package to share with your friends!

I received a review of 2012 Creating My Goddess Year for review. As always, all opinions are my own. Links to products are affiliate links. If you decided to purchase her workbook or other products through my links, thank you!

Photo take with Paper Camera app. I  love this app!

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