Those Moments Between The Milestones Are Even Better Via Snail Mail


I love receiving a handwritten card or letter in the mail. In fact I used to send them out all the time. I’d hit up Hallmark like a drug addict and load up on their cards. I wasn’t sure to whom I would send the cards to quite yet, but I knew the perfect moment arise for it.

Then I had kids. Sophia is almost 6 and this new year was the first year we’ve sent out holiday cards. Seriously. I used to remember most of my friends’ birthdays and send them cards to arrive on the day before or the day of. Now, I’m lucky if I remember to leave a note on their Facebook page.
The day before Blogalicious, Hallmark hosted several bloggers at their Moments Between the Milestones tour. Though it felt slightly hectic for me to get to northwest DC during rush hour, I enjoyed the quiet 30 minutes or so on the Metro.
As we noshed on breakfast, we met some inspiring women on the Hallmark team: Writer Molly Wigand, Studio Manager for Humor Renee Andriani and Creative Strategist Jeanne Slater. They each shared their perfectly imperfect moments which were funny, inspirational stories about events many of us don’t deem worthy enough for a greeting card. That was the point of their tour. We don’t need a special occassion to send a card to a friend. Here’s my perfectly imperfect: shopping at Target:
Hallmark had a table filled with these “Moments Between the Milestones” type cards. Some funny, some were just a “hang in there” kind of card. We were allowed free reign with the cards and Hallmark mailed them for us. Since most of us in the room used email or text to communicate with our friends, we didn’t know their snail mail addresses. Thank goodness my smartphone was synced with my Gmail. I had some addresses in my phone.
As I scrolled through my contacts on my phone, I realized that many of my friends could use a little happiness in an envelope. I know my heart always skips a beat when I receive a hand addressed envelope. I wrote little notes on the cards, sealed them, tucked them in that purple mailbox, and forgot about them.
A week or so later, I started getting emails from my friends, thanking me for the card. One friend who is going through a tough transition was extremely touched. Another messaged me to say that my card made her laugh during her rough parenting day. I like bringing a little bit of joy to my friends’ day. I forgot that one little card could do so much.
My breakfast with Hallmark has inspired me to take a bit of time, maybe once a month, and send out cards to some friends. Completely random and for no special occasion. I’m going to send them just because card. Just because I was thinking about them. I’m not going to wait for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday to send them a card. It means so much more to send them a card right in the moment.
What moment between those milestones will you celebrate next? Visit Hallmark to see others’ moments and share your own.
Hallmark invited me to breakfast to craft and write. I couldn’t have been happier. I received a goody bag for attending as well as the cards that they mailed for me. I was not required to blog about the event or Hallmark. All opinions are my own. Video courtesy of Hallmark.

The Hallmark Creatives had us craft magnets as well as showed us how to get our pages filled with a writing exercise. To see what I did, visit My Cup of Creativi-Tea.