When I’m 75, I’m Going to Be One Hot Old Lady

In previous years, some of our Passion Parties catalogs featured stock photos of happy (presumably) sexually satisfied couples. Most of the couples were probably in the 30something age range, but we did have a photo of an older couple, you know, they had grey hair.

Usually the reaction at my parties were, “Ewwwww, there’s old people in here.” Obviously my older clients didn’t say that.

My response was always the same: “When I’m that age, I hope I’m still having sex.” I mean, if i’m still having sex at 75 years of age, I must be doing pretty well, right?

I don’t know why the idea of blue-haired ladies having sex is such a bad thing. As teenagers and young 20somethings, we are still discovering our bodies. Sex could be hit or miss. Young men might not be, um, up to par.

I know when I’m 75, I’m going to enjoy myself. I plan on taking lots of walks on the beach, cooking fabulous food and having fun romps in bed. It doesn’t even have to be in bed.

What will you be doing when you’re 75 years old?

This post was inspired by 29: A Novel by Adena Halpern, a From Left to Write book club selection. 29: A Novel indulges a 75 year-old-woman’s fantasy to become 29 again. What age would you want to relive for a day?

 I received a copy of the novel for review.