Pamper Me: A Long Overdue Massage

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Earlier this week, my sister gifted me with a massage. I grumbled a bit because she scheduled it when hubby would be at work and I’d be juggling both kids. I mean, how relaxing would it be afterwards when I immediately had to return to baby chasing? Luckily hubby was able to rearrange his schedule.

I’m so glad my sister did this. Just like  most of you, I’m guilty of not taking time to myself. I’ve noticed recently that even the frequency of my tub soaks had dwindled. This massage was long overdue.

The massage therapist was new to me but we totally clicked! A mother herself, Linda shared her passion for helping pregnant moms and nursing mothers. Her daughter is also a midwife out in Seattle.

As she worked on my stress and sore spots, I gave myself permission to relax. Instead of letting my mind wander, I tried to meditate. I’ve never been very good at quieting my mind. Since I wanted to enjoy this massage to its fullest, I gave it another go.

I imagined myself sitting on a warm beach, much like the one I practiced sunrise yoga during Blogalicious. Except this time, I pictured the warm salt air as I sat on a lounger, holding a cocktail with an umbrella on it. I watched the waves lap the shore.

It was such a relaxing setting. Yes, my mind wondered quite a bit, but each time, I guided it back to that beach. Eventually Linda’s massage relaxed me more and more. My meditation and beach scene was needed. I just floated in a happy relaxed state.

Both my sister and Linda encouraged me to treat myself to more massages. They are totally right! It’s not just a massage but mini-retreat and very important self-care.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a massage?

If you’re in the Maryland/DC area, Linda Embrey has an amazing massage special for pregnant and nursing moms at her Relaxation Station. She has locations in Silver Spring and Kensington, Md.

Linda is offering $25 for a 45 Relaxing Massage: Deep Muscle/Swedish, Energy Releasing bodywork for pregnant and nursing moms. This special runs from Feb 15-Apr 15. You can reach Linda at 240-468-6702 to schedule an appointment. Tell her that I, Kim Lam, sent you!

She so excited to give pregnant and nursing mothers time to relax that she’s offering this amazing rate!

Even if you don’t qualify for this special, her rates are very reasonable.

Quick! Schedule that appointment. Hubby has already told me I need to book mine.

Disclosure: I’m not receiving any compensation for sharing Linda’s special. My massage was a gift from my sister and I fully intend to take advantage of this special and will pay for it myself.

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