People Who Understand My Twitter Addiction

When BitMoms invited me to brunch at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City as part of our DC Metro Moms event, I clicked “YES” on the Evite so fast, my mouse smoked. Who would turn down brunch at the Ritz?

 Picture by Stimey. Head over to her blog and learn how she made the baby cry.

Not only did I enjoy the mushroom ravioli, BitDefender and BitMoms picked our brains about what we looked for in an internet security program. We even got to make collages with fancy magazines like Coastal Living and SkyMall.

That’s mine. Can you tell I got a Coastal Living mag?

I’m impressed by BitDefender. The trial I received from MomzShare slowed down my computer considerably. After talking to Nicole, BitDefender’s Social Media Coordinator, about the issue, she pinpointed my problem in less than 30 seconds! Last night, I followed her instructions and voila!, my computer is happy and protected.

That’s Nicole from BitMoms with Jaxson

I brought Jaxson with me since the event started at 11AM and ended at 7PM. It was a long day and I was not going to bring my breastpump. Jaxson charmed all the bloggers and the PR peeps Let me tell you, that kid has a fantastic smile. He wooed many a blogger (and brands) into holding him, thereby taking the load off my back.

The second part of the DC Metro Moms event involved an open discussion between brands and bloggers.  I’m still pretty new when it comes to working with brands, so I didn’t really contribute to the conversation. I learned a lot though. It was great to be in a room with companies who understand the power of social media and know how to connect with bloggers.

The third and best part of the event was our chance to not only with the companies, but to hang out with my fellow DC Metro Moms bloggers. I live so close to many of them but we’re all so busy we don’t see each other very often.

I met the beautiful sisters of Georgetown Cupcakes. They have a show on TLC this summer, Cupcake Dreams  premiering June 16th. They were so sweet (pun not intended). I have no idea how they can make all those cupcakes and stay so skinny! We got to decorate cupcakes and even had extra to take home for the family.

Another of Stimey’s photos. I was too busy holding Jaxson to take pics

I oogled a really cool netbook, the LitlLawrys gave us a bag of marinades and seasonings. I practiced my barista skills by playing with the Tassimo single cup coffee maker from Bosch Appliances. I’m totally
sure I received special treatment because Jaxson made googly eyes at Heather (PR rep for Bosch) during the brands and bloggers conversation. My Starbucks cappuccino tasted as good as the real thing without the big price tag.

I’m the tech geek of the family but hubby loved the iGo-he immediately plugged it in to charge. It’s going to be helpful when I finally get my smartphone!

Dave from K12 was very down to earth. He amused Jaxson with his silly human tricks. He sent me home with a cook kit containing tempera paints, brushes, an inflatable globe, oil pastels, and a book of stories. Anyone who gives me art supplies is cool in my book. This kit will come in handy this summer.

The event was so relaxed and fun. Yes, it was a long day, and I was exhausted after. It was totally worth it. I hung out with my fellow bloggers and met the new DC Metro Moms. I felt comfortable talking to the brands. They were all very receptive and friendly. You know, real people instead of logos.

Many of my friends in real life don’t really get twitter or why I enjoy it so much. When I’m around some amazing bloggers, I feel at home. They won’t judge me because I’ve sent out over 10,000 tweets since I joined Twitter last January. Or ask me why I’m still tweeting at midnight  In fact, they’re the ones up late chatting with me!

Blogging can feel pretty solitary when I’m writing at my computer, but attending these events keep me connected to the people who get me.

This is not a compensated post. The companies mentioned gave us swag to try out their products.


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