Make Raisins Dance-Virtual Science Fair

Even though Sophia is in love with princesses and all things pink, I make sure to encourage her to learn more about anything strikes her curiosity.

Recently it’s been science. She loves watching all the PBS Kids shows about science like Fetch and SciGirls. We created a question box a la Sid the Science Kid. We’ve borrowed the book about blood countless times from the library.

We also do small (easy) science experiments at home. Today she kept requesting one. So after searching for an experiment that we had all the ingredients for (we already did the volcano experiment).

I stumbled upon Dancing Raisins. I didn’t have club soda so we used Fanta Strawberry soda.

Check out the video of our experiment.

Now what do I do with a glass full of Fanta infused raisins? Bake strawberry raisin cupcakes?

I’m so happy to have a budding scientist!

This post is inspired by WhyMommy, aka Susan. I met her through my blogging friends and had the pleasure of hanging out with her a lot recently! She writes about her life as a planetary science and is a fighter of breast cancer. Head over to Team WhyMommy Virtual Science Fair to see what others did!


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