Bravado Designs Now at Target & Win $500 in Baby Gear

When I was nursing Sophia, I knew nothing about nursing bras. I had some nursing tanks that a friend gave me and no-name brand nursing bras I bought from Target. They weren’t very comfortable, and I felt very unsexy. So I bought regular bras and just made them work. They only sort of worked.
The second time around, with Jaxson, I tried the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra (review forthcoming). I couldn’t believe I missed out on them the first time around! It was comfortable, and my girls even looked kinda perky! Now at $49 a pop, I’m not sure I’d stock up on them.
Guess what? Now you can buy Bravado bras and nursing tanks exclusively at Target! Basics by Bravado is a new budget friendly line that includes a sleep bra, nursing cami, and nursing bra. I’m an instant gratification kinda gal, so I love that I can just go to my Target and pick one up. I don’t know about you, but I’m at Target Tar-jhay at least once a week.
By offering the Basics by Bravado line, comfortable nursing wear will be accessible to more women. I appreciate that Bravado believes all mothers deserve a great nursing experience. Not only Bravado has been producing nursing wear for 18 years, they are committed to providing quality information regarding breastfeeding to nursing mothers. Last year, they launched the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council with the goal of helping the media to cover the category of new mothers and nursing with less bias, judgement or drama.
During my last month of pregnancy with Jaxson, I had no idea what size nursing bra I needed. Melissa from Bravado Designs saw my tweet and came to my rescue. She helped me figure out what size I needed. The bra fit perfectly. The amazing thing was I didn’t even ask her for help. I was just tweeting with some friends about nursing bras, and she saw my plea for help. How’s that for customer service?
You don’t have to be on Twitter to get that kind of help. You can use their easy measuring instructions on the website or call their certified fitters at 1-800-590-7802 for help.
So if you want the comfort of Bravado at a more budget friendly price, find the Target near you that carries the Basics by Bravado line. The money you save can go towards diapers and cute baby clothes! Or a pamper gift for yourself. I vote for the pamper gift, you know like bubble bath, chocolate, a margarita. . .

Do you want a chance to win $500 in awesome and super cute baby gear? You can enter Basics by Bravado “Spot a Mom” sweepstakes. It’s really easy to enter. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find the nearest Target store in their area offering Basics by Bravado nursing wear.
  • Visit the store and snap some pics of themselves finding the Basics by Bravado store display.
  • Email their photo, along with their name and contact details to

 So have you tried Bravado bras or tanks? What’s your favorite? Stay tuned for for reviews of the Basics line as well as their original Bravado Designs bras.

 Disclosure: I’m a Bravado Mama Ambassador. I was given a giftcard as well as Bravado nursing wear. However, I fell in love with Bravado bras before I became an ambassador.

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