Vietnamese Pantry Staples E-Guide Plus Free Visual Shopping List via I'm Not the Nanny

I’m so excited to give you a  free guide to help build your Vietnamese pantry!

I grew up eating Vietnamese food everyday as a kid, but my mom never really taught me her recipes until I was an adult. I’m partially self-taught and partially adapt my mom’s recipes. Now that I’m raising biracial kids, it’s important to me that I nurture their love for Vietnamese food too. Of course you benefit because I love sharing my recipes and photos on this site.

Cooking Vietnamese food in your home kitchen doesn’t have to be intimidating, once you’re familiar with the basic Vietnamese pantry staples.

I get so many questions about Vietnamese ingredients from my friends and readers. What brand should I purchase? How do I know if I bought the right product? Can I use it for more than one recipe?

Here’s what you’ll learn in the e-guide:

  • Top 12 Vietnamese pantry staples that will let you cook almost any popular Vietnamese dish
  • What to look for when shopping
  • My recommended brands
  • Links to purchase online (from the comfort of your home)
  • Printable shopping list with photos!

Did I mention that it’s free? Just pop your email address right into the box below (or above) and once you confirm your address, you’ll get access to the book. Even better, you’ll receive weekly updates from me, including new recipes, family activities, and more!