Best Minimalist Planner Printables for Discbound & Ring Planners

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Discbound planner with printable pages

It’s that time of year again. Where I scroll through Etsy and various websites to find the perfect planner. Even though I know the perfect planner doesn’t exist. For the past several years, I’ve used a discbound planner so I can add or remove planner printables as my needs change.

Printables are great because you print what you need as you need them. I don’t feel guilty if the pages since I only print a few at a time. I can’t say the same about the bound planners. I can’t tell you how many partially used planners I’ve gone through in my search for the perfect planner.

When I first dove into the world of planner printables, it was overwhelming. There printables for everything! Minimalist planner printers were a challenge to find. I like simpler, undecorated pages so I can decorate with washi or stickers as the mood hits me. They’re also more printer friendly.

Quick Printing Tips

Speaking of printer friendly, I highly recommend subscribing to HP Instant Ink. For less than a cup of fancy coffee, you can print up to 100 pages of month. That even includes ink hogging things like photos.  Unused prints roll over the next month. Whenever you’re low on ink, HP sends you a new cartridge. Well before you’re due to run out. Sign-up with my referral link and get a free month!

The paper you print on makes a huge difference. I recommend HP Premium32 printable paper. My pens glide beautifully over it.

Best Minimalist Planner Printables

Even though I’m using a discbound planner, most of these will work for ring bound planners as well. The printables are designed with room to punch for ring binders or discs. Most of the sellers below offer their printables in many different sizes. 

Minimalist WO2P Planner Half-Vertical example

I created my own planner printables when I couldn’t find the layout that I needed. This minimalist weekly layout has everything I need on two pages. A weekly vertical layout that only takes up half the page. The bottom half is open for notes except for a small habit tracker. I can add washi or stickers as the mood strikes but it’s not necessary. 

My Etsy shop also has daily and a weekly with mandala printable. Both are minimalist.

Ultimate Life Binder printable-Secret Owl Society

I adore the simplicity with cute touches in Ultimate Life Binder from Secret Owl Society. The monthly page above is from this bundle. The little cacti are so adorable! I’ve also adorned this page with washi.

The Ultimate Life Binder includes almost everything you can think of. There’s several different weekly spreads, multiple daily pages, plus different trackers. All the pages are undated so you can start when you’re ready. When you purchase the Ultimate Life Binder, you’ll also receive access to their new undated bullet journal style life binder (for a limited time).

MissTiina Unplanner Printable

MissTiina’s Unplanner was one of the very first undated printables I bought. I love that her designs are simple but have a splash of color. It’s a great value since she includes several different sizes. I’ve used the half letter sized and she’s designed them so you can print them double sided on letter sized paper.

The year on 2 pages in the top photo is from MissTiina. In the past, this store has offered dated printables, but I don’t see an update for this year. Maybe she’ll add them soon.

Shine Sheets Planner Bundle

I like the simplicity of ShineSheets’ Planner Essentials Bundle. It’s a great starter kit that includes undated daily, weekly, and monthly sheets plus a weekly meal planner and daily notepad. This way you can print what you need or try a new format when life gets busy.

In addition to the planner printables, ShineSheets also has printables for goal planning, self-care, gratitude journal, anxiety, and other workbooks for mental wellness.

HB90 Planner Heart Breathings

If you prefer an elegant dated printable that also includes goal setting worksheets, then HB90 Method Planner from Heart Breathings is for you. There’s also an undated version for commitment phobes like me. Though it’s designed for authors, the planner can easily work for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.

Designed by author Sarra Cannon, the worksheets walk you through planning 90 days at a time.  She’s got some great videos on her Heart Breathings YouTube channel to walk you through goal setting plus writing tips.

Hobonichi inspired planner printables from Anthology Plans are available in several different planner sizes. The half-letter and A5 sizes are designed as 2 pages on a letter/A4 page. Which means you don’t have to cut your paper in half before feeding them into your printer. This saves a ton of time. 

I’ve yet to shell out the $$ for an authentic Hobonichi since I don’t know if they planner will work for me. These printables will be a wallet friendly way to test the layout. Anthology Plans also offers dated printables for those who don’t want to fill in the dates for everything.

Bullet Journal printable from UnJoyeuxPetitBazarUS

If you like the look of a bullet journal but don’t have time to draw your spreads, try one of the Bullet Journal bundles from Un Joyeux Petit Bazar USThe bundles include monthly, weekly, and daily spreads. There’s also dated bullet journal printables.

Ultimate Bullet Journal Collection- Scattered Printables

For a more comprehensive bujo bundle, try Scattered Printables’ Ultimate Bullet Journal Collection. In addition to calendar pages, it includes templates for books read, habit trackers, mood trackers, goal setting, year in pixels, and more. Basically almost any bujo spread you’ll ever need.

Scattered Printables also offers dated bullet journal bundles in various formats and one-offs of different trackers and templates.

Harry Potter fans will love the Wizard Weekly Planner Printable from Copper Boom Studios. Each bundle comes with a different page and color scheme based on your Hogwarts house! The weekly includes a habit tracker and a meal planner (with a cute cauldron icon).

I wish the weekly was on two pages since I use a junior sized discbound. The layout would be too small and my handwriting isn’t neat enough to make it work.

Wizard Daily Printable Planner

The Wizard Daily Printable Planner is just as magical! It includes a “potion” (water) tracker and a space to record daily gratitudes. I wished I was a daily planner page person.

What are your favorite planner printables? 

Best Minimalist Planner Printables for discbound and ring planners

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