Inspiring Business Books by Women of Color Entrepreneurs

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Business Books by Women of Color Entrepreneurs

For the rest of year, I’m challenging myself to read more business books by women of color. Women entrepreneurs face challenges that are very different from our men counterparts.

As an entrepreneur, I like reading about other entrepreneur’s experiences. The past year or so, I stopped reading these memoir meets business books because I had a hard time relating to them. The common denominator is that these books are written by white men.

Many of these white men had wives or partners who handled the “invisible labor.” They could focus on their business because they didn’t have to worry about making doctors’ appointments, driving kids to activities, plan meals, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Without these tasks occupying mental space, they could be laser focused on growing their company.

Not to mention that their skin color gives them a step up. They don’t have to work as hard as people of color to prove their worth or expertise.

Women of color entrepreneur have unique challenges and I wanted to read about their experiences. While our ethnic background or heritage may be different, we’re all in marginalized communities. These women have achieved success on their own terms. I want to learn how they did it so I can apply their strategies or mindset to my life.

I asked friends to share their recommendations for business books written by women of color. Here are a few that are on my library hold list.

6 Inspiring Business Books by Women of Color Entrepreneurs

Leapfrog by Nathalie Molina Nino

Leapfrog by Nathalie Molina Niño

Nathalie Molina Niño is a spitfire who is ready to lift up female entrepreneurs. In Leapfrog, each short chapter features “Hacks” that offer actionable advice as well as motivation to help you succeed in business. It’s a quick read that’s easy to pick up and read in short bursts–perfect for busy moms like me.

I borrowed this book from the library and found myself taking pages of notes. I’ll have to buy my own copy so I can mark it up.

Self Made by Nely Galán

Self Made by Nely Galán

Many women were raised not to discuss money and finance. In Self Made, Nely Galán wants women to be rich: financially, family, love, and time. The former President of Entertainment for Telemundo encourages women to change our mindset from instant gratification to goal orientation. She includes inspiring stories and no nonsense lessons.

Dropping the Ball by Tiffany Dufu

Dropping the Ball by Tiffany Dufu

The subtitle to Drop the Ball is Achieving More by Doing Less. Well, that hits a pain point for me! There’s never enough time to get everything done. I’m looking forward to reading Dufu’s book where she recounts how she had to reeavulate her expectations in order to flourish at work and on a personal level.

She encourages women to embrace imperfection. This speaks to me because I’m a recovering perfectionist. I loved this video of her talk about dropping the ball and how she didn’t disrupt gender stereotypes on her home.

The Warrior Code by Tee Marie Hanible

The Warrior Code by Tee Marie Hanible

In The Warrior code retired Gunnery Sergeant Tee Marie Hanible and entrepreneur offers 11 principles to unleashing our inner badass.  Count me in! Hanible has done and is doing many great things. She’s also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and reality star. I look forward to reading her book!

The Power of Onlyness by Nilofer Merchant

The Power of Onlyness by Nilofer Merchant

I started my business Bawdy Bookworms because I wanted to make a difference. I’m not alone. In The Power of Onlyness, Merchant encourages us to turn our mighty ideas into reality. If we don’t, how can we help the people who need our expertise the most?

Check out her TEDx talk abut How Power Powers Ideas.  Merchant shares how a success businessman told her she wouldn’t never succeed because of her brown skin. She talks about othering people and how to be more inclusive in our work spaces. 

The Transformational Consumer

The Transformational Consumer by Tara-Nicolle Nelson

Tara-Nicolle Nelson took her experiences working at MyFitnessPal and channeled it into The Transformational Consumer.  Her philosophy is that we should build businesses that triggers people’s deep desire for growth and transformation.

This is my philosophy in business too. If you focus only on the sales, you’re missing the point. I’m looking forward to reading about the nitty gritty about diving into your customers’s emotions and behaviors.

Which inspiring business books by women of color entrepreneurs should I read next?

Business Books by Women of Color Entrepreneurs