October 2019: Free Printable Planner For Discs & Rings

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October 2019 Free Planner Printable
Today I have a free printable planner for October 2019 just for you!
I love printable planners. I like the ease of swapping out pages and testing new layouts without running an entire hardback or spiral bound planner. I’ve gone from buying planner printables from Etsy to making my own.
One challenge with using discbound planners is finding the right sized layouts. My preferred sized is “junior” as Tul, Staples Arc, and Levenger calls them. They’re actually half-letter sized. I like this size because it’s small enough to be portable but big enough for my sometimes unwieldy handwriting. The other reason is that I can print 2 half-letter pages onto a US Letter sized sheet. Cut them in half, punch, and I’m done!

If you like my pen case, you can nab a the stand-up cat pen case here.

October 2019 Monthly and Weekly Planner

October 2019 Planner Weekly spread
I’ve been playing around with the weekly layout in this planner and have put undated minimalist versions in my Etsy store. But I understand that not everyone likes undated planner.  The spread is dated and includes a weekly habit tracker.
October 2019 Monthly spread
For this free October 2019 planner printable, I also created a monthly layout. I don’t use a paper monthly layout, but I needed one to set up my editorial calendar. Most of my monthly things go into Google calendar. I happily embrace my hybrid paper-digital system!

I also made a video flipping through it for you. Here I cut the pages in half after I printed them and punched them for my disc planner.

How to print October 2019 Planner

Since this is my first one, I wanted to offer it to you for free to test out.

When you look at the file, it might look funny. The file is designed to be printed double sided on US Letter paper, folded in half, and stapled.  You can keep it folded as a booklet or cut and punch for discs or rings. I prefer to use  HP Premium32 printable paper because it’s great for fountain pens and gel pens. 

To print:

These instructions are based on my HP Envy 5330. Your printer might have slightly different settings or quirks. If you have printing tips for your printer, please leave a comment for others!

  • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and click print
  • Printer settings: if your printer allows it, set it to borderless printing. If you do this, set the  print size to “actual” (not “fit to page”)
  • Under Pages to Print: click “More Options” and then “Odd pages”
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Print odd pages
  • Place your pages back into your printer so they print on the other side
  • Under Pages to Print: click “More Options” and then “Even pages”
    • For my printer, I had chose “Reverse pages.” so they print in order. You’ll want to experiment with yours
  • Print Even pages

To cut & punch for discs or rings

Cut the pages in half horizontally. I use a Fiskars paper trimmer that cuts 3-4 pages of 32lb paper at a time. If you want, you can fold the pages in half, but I use the extendable and cut so the pages are 5.5″ wide.

Punching planner for disc notebook

Next grab the punch for your planner notebook and punch the pages. I found this heavy duty Tul disc punch in the clearance section of my Office Depot. It’s a bit pricier but I find that I can easily punch 4 sheets of 32lb paper at a time.

Download your free October 2019 planner printable

I’ve teased you enough! Download your free October 2019 planner printable for discs and rings by clicking here or the image below. This file is for personal use only. Please do not sell or distribute. Send them here for more disc planner goodness!

October 2019 Free Printable Planner for discs and rings

I’d love your feedback. If you like it, I can design them next month and so on.

What themes would you like to see for future planner printables for discs and rings? 


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