How Much Do You Love Phở?

After a month of rain, heat, and humidity, it finally feels like fall. Perfect weather to make a giant pot of phở. Who am I kidding? I could eat phở everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s just that good.

Pho-king Awesome Shirt for Pho lovers

I wanted to show the world how much I love this Vietnamese noodle soup and tell the world how awesome I am. I designed these Phở-King Awesome shirts for our family. We each got one. I just needed to take a picture of us in our pho t-shirts.

It occurred to me that you might want some too! I set up a shop on Threadless with funny Asian quotes on shirts, mugs, and bags. Check it out! I’m wearing a 2XL women’s v-neck in the picture. So far, I’m finding the shirts run true to size.

All your pho t-shirt purchases help support this site. I appreciate you checking out the shop and sharing with your friends!

My 8-year-old son is my Instagram boyfriend. He took these fun pics of me in the shirt! I used to ask my husband to take the photos, but turns out my son is way better at it. lus he takes enough shots to find good ones.

I coach him a bit, so there are bloopers. Like the one above. At least we have fun!

Speaking of fun, I had to make this mug after watching Crazy Rich Asians. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to live in style and decadence like them?

What other designs would you like to see on the shirts?