When Life Gives You Lice, Open Up a Box of Wine

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Revel Wine to the rescue

When Revel Wine sent me a box of wine to review, I was all set to make an unboxing video for you. Until disaster struck.


Yes, shudder and groan with me. My scalp is itching again as I write this–even though we got rid of those !@^&**! bugs. (Knock on wood.) The only good thing about the incident is that we discovered the bugs during the weekend.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of killing those tiny creatures, I hope you never have to. Lice is a huge pain in butt. Our family, unfortunately, are pros. This is probably the third or fourth lice adventure in our 12-year-tenure as parents. My husband and I know the drill. That doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Instead of sitting happily in front of my video camera and filming my reactions to the four bottles Revel Wine sent, my box cutter and I showed that package no mercy. After spending hours treating the kids (and my) hair and approximately 18 gazillion loads of laundry, mama needed wine.

Two empty bottles of red wine

Once the kids were tucked in their (freshly laundered) sheets minus the plethora of plushies–which were taking a vacation in a tightly closed plastic bag, I uncorked the 2013 Reata Pinot Noir on Sunday night. My husband poured two very full, well-deserved glasses of wine. We plopped onto our sad couch, now empty of throw cushions and my favorite lap blanket, and didn’t move for hours. The wine was delicious and helped us relax after a lice filled weekend.

Which is why there are empty and half opened bottles in my photos. I tried really hard to wait and take pretty pictures for you. But when the Licepocalypse hit, I caved. Parenting is all about keeping it real, right?

Revel Wine Unboxing

Let’s pretend I didn’t open the box and polish off a bottle of red before these photos. I can’t turn back time, but you can play along.

Revel Wine Unboxing

Revel Wine is a subscription service that sends you wine every month or whatever frequency you prefer.  Tell them if you prefer white, red, or a combination, and they curate a box of wine for you. I love this because I spend more time wandering around my wine store and googling reviews than it takes to uncork a bottle.  You can choose to receive 3, 4, 6, or 12 bottles every 1,2, or 3 months. I was sent a mix of red and white.

Well packaged wine bottles from Revel Wine unboxing

Not figuring out which bottle to buy–a huge bonus for me. I’ve never wanted to try a wine subscription service before this. Mostly because I enjoy the thrill of discovery. At least that’s what I tell myself. I tend to forget how I walk down the wine aisles 5 or 6 times and guessing what all those flavor notes really mean. I know what I like when I taste the wine–it’s just finding the ones I enjoy. I like that Revel Wine has already done the curation for me.

Revel Wine sent me the following (plus my tasting notes):

Well packaged wine bottles from Revel Wine unboxing

Never have I been so grateful to already have a stash of wine after the bug-that-shall-not-be-named incident. The only decision my husband and I had to make was white or red. That alone is worth the cost of the service.

Pricing is reasonable. Subscriptions start at $39 + shipping for 3 bottles of wine. If you opt for 4 bottles a month, it’s only $52 with free shipping. That’s $13 a bottle–about how much I’d spend at my wine shop. Though it takes me much longer to pick out a new-to-me bottle.

Revel Wine also lets you skip a month or change your shipment date (with enough notice). You cancel at any time.

If you’re not ready to commit to the Revel Wine Club, you can purchase from their shop. They offer bundles or single bottles.

So thank you Revel Wine, for saving my sanity during the licepocalypse.  I promise to enjoy the rest of my wine at a more leisurely pace.



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