New Finds At Our Farmers Market: A Photowalk

baby purple okra
With the kids gone most of the summer, I’ve been remiss about visiting our local farmers market. Now that they’re back, we spent Saturday morning enjoying the sights and flavors of downtown. I invite you to stroll our farmers market with us. All the gorgeous colors at the market made me wished I’d brought my mirrorless camera. These photos were captured on my smartphone. I think they came out pretty well.

Empanadas at farmers market

We trekked out on an early Saturday morning in search of breakfast and found these delicious empanadas. We should have purchased more because Jaxson devoured them!

Baby eggplant


What is it about miniature sized fruits and veggies that make them so appealing? These purple, Japanese eggplants reminded me of a very simple, comfort dish my mom made. She simply cut up the eggplant into bite sized pieces. Then made a sauce out out of shrimp paste, sugar, water, and maybe lime juice. We dipped the raw eggplant into the sauce and ate it with plain white rice. So much umami in that dish!

Capitol Kettle Corn at Farmers Market

The nutty, caramel scent of freshly made kettle corn drew us to Capitol Kettle Corn‘s booth. Bags stuffed with popcorn were stacked on their table. My mouth watered, even though we’d already eaten empanadas and pastries for breakfast.

FLOTUS 44 Kettle Corn

Who knew kettle popcorn could be political? My husband and I favored the FLOTUS 44 flavor, which is made with brown sugar. Yes, we are also big fans of the FLOTUS 44 Michelle Obama. Capitol Kettle Corn wins!

Chocolate Kettle Corn

However, samples of still warm chocolate kettle corn were dropped in our eager hands. How could we say no?

Sampling chocolate kettle corn

In the end, the kids voted for chocolate and we happily bought a bag to take home for movie night.

Pickled beets two ways

No. 1 Sons’ pickle booth is always packed, but we managed to try a few samples. We didn’t buy any this time, but I’m been thinking about the wasabi pickles every since.

Sampling flavored liquors at farmers market

We were surprised to see so many local wineries and distilleries there. Twin Valley Distillers won me over by offering a sample of other Black Joe Coffee Liqueur. It was too sweet for me, but I think it would work well in a cake. Coffee liqueur soaked chocolate cake, anyone?

Family bubble tea

Eventually the summer heat go to us, so we stopped for bubble tea. Our family is a wee bit obsessed with bubble tea, so I think we’ll have to make some at home.

What have you recently discovered at your farmers market?