Speak Up For Our Kids & Vote for Clean Air #CleanAirMomsVote

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Climbing ropes at playground

We breathe without thinking about it. Fresh, clean air. In and out. Our kids breathe in gulps as they run and play outside. Clean air is pretty important.

I grew up in a rural part of Louisiana. I spent many days outside riding my bike, reading in a giant clover patch, and taking long walks around neighborhood. Sounds idyllic until I tell you how many chemical plants were located within 20 miles of my parents’ home. In addition to fire drills at school, we had drills for chemical spills.

Now I’m raising my family in the DC area, which has a different kind of pollution. It’s a bigger city, which means exhaust fumes from vehicles, county pesticide sprays and  more. Summer days are frequently littered with red and orange air quality days. Those are days where young children, seniors, and asthmatics are told to stay indoors because of the air pollution.

The first time I learned about the air quality alerts, I was shocked. I worked at a summer day camp for elementary school and was instructed not to take our charges outside. The air was so bad that we should go outdoors–the best playground for our kids?!?!

Playground clubhouse

When I became a mother, I got in the habit of checking air quality reports before taking my kids to the park. As apartment dwellers, the park is where we go to for a bit of nature. A place for my kids to run and scream as loud as they pleased.

Clean air is important for everyone, but most importantly, for our children. Clean Air Moms Action spoke with moms like us about how important clean air is for our kids. Hear Colorado mom Shaina Oliver’s reason why:

This isn’t how we should raise our children. We should be able to walk outside and breathe without worry.  You can make a difference by voting.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but next week, on November 8 is Election Day in the United States. Yes, there’s a big presidential election going on, but don’t forget about your local elections. Local elections are where you can make the most impact in your community.

Will you join me and pledge to vote for clean air on November 8?

Vote and speak up for your kids until they can vote for themselves.

For more information visit CleanAirMomsAction.org or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and using #CleanAirMomsVote.

This post was produced with support from Clean Air Moms Action. All opinions are, of course, my own.

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