I Spent Halloween on the Couch, But

Pokemon Halloween costumes 2016

I gave up sewing Halloween costumes for the kids a few years ago. While I miss the creativity, I don’t miss the stress of making time to sew them. The kids don’t mind. This means we have to be more creative since they don’t like off the rack Halloween costumes.

I rolled my ankle on Sunday during an outing at the park. It was an unusually warm day for October so I wanted to take advantage of the weather. Plus catch a few Pokemon on PokemonGo while we where there. My foot stepped on something funny and I rolled my ankle–20 minute after we got the park.

Sad panda. So I sat on the couch with my foot elevated while the my husband and the kids went trick-or-treating without me. They did give me some good candy when they returned.

Family Halloween Costumes

This year my Pokemon crazed children chose to dress up like–you guessed it–Pokemon!

Jaxson originally wanted to be a Bellsprout, this yellow flower thing, but we had a challenging time finding the right color clothes (dark brown) and hat (bright yellow) to create the look. Thank goodness we found this Pikachu onesie pajama at Target. Pikachu has been his favorite Pokemon for 2 years now, so I’m not sure how he got attached to Bellsprout.

Sophia is a Jigglypuff, who is this super cute round pink Pokemon. She already had a look in mind so we just needed to find the right pieces: light pink sweater with a pink tutu and a Jigglypuff beanie. She’s definitely a vision of pink cuteness.

Speaking of pink, let’s discuss that Pink Power Ranger in the back. That’s my husband. Which you probably guessed.

He was looking for a fun costume to wear to his Halloween work party. The kids discovered the Pink Power Ranger onesie in the women’s sleepwear department and begged him to try it on.  My husband is a good sport and knows how to rock a pink outfit.

One person was so impressed (surprised?) by his costume last night, she gave him a full sized KitKat bar. Win!

How did you celebrate Halloween?

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