First Day of School Adventures

First Day of School 2016

I love my Facebook feed during back-to-school season. All the first day of school pictures are adorable and make me gasp at how fast everyone’s kids have grown. Sophia and Jaxson are no different than my friends’ kids.

Sophia is now a fifth grader, the oldest class at her school. (Next year is middle school–eeek!). First grader Jaxson is no longer the youngest group at his school. Both got dressed, ate breakfast and brushed their teeth without too much prompting

Yesterday I spent most of my day in sweet silence, except for the sound of my podcasts playing. I actually crossed off a significant number of things off my to do list. Could you hear my productivity yesterday?

First days of school rarely run smoothly and yesterday was no different. The school bus was an hour late dropping off everyone. Turns out a student mistakenly got on the bus and didn’t realize it until the bus was 10 minutes from our stop. The bus driver turned around to drop the student back at the school–which was another 20 minutes there and back (plus rush hour traffic).

First day of school Slurpees

We ALL deserved a celebratory Slurpee. It’s a first day of school tradition in our family.

First day of school 2016 Slurpee tongues

Here’s to a smoother second day of school.

Did your kids go back to school yet? How did everything go?

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