Ultimate List of Diverse Book Lists #diversebooks

Ultimate List of Diverse Book Lists via I'm Not the Nanny

Sure, the temperature tells me that summer is here, but my kids have a few more weeks of school. It’s hard to think about summer activities when we’re still packing lunches and making sure they go to bed on time.

For some of your families, you’ve already started your summer vacation! To get myself in summer mode and help you plan, I’ve pulled together the ultimate list of diverse book lists. Some of lists from this site and some from my favorite book sites. Perfect for summer reading!

Ultimate List of Diverse Book Lists for Summer Reading

I’ve divided these up into age/grade range. But you know your kids the best, so just use that as a guideline. Some lists cover more than one age range. Not sure where to start? I have a few tips on building your diverse library.

Diverse Book Lists for Baby-PreK

Diverse Book Lists for Ages 5-9

Diverse Book Lists for Ages 10+

More resources for all ages

These lists cover a wide age range, so you might even find one to read together as a family.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it’s a good starting point for your family. I’ll update it periodically. Feel free to share more lists in the comments.


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