MOAR Crawfish!

Ready to eat crawfish

A couple of weekends ago, we attend our college’s annual DC crawfish boil. The organizing committee includes a large number of Louisiana colleges so the entire park is filled with southern hospitality.

kids at crawfish boil

Even though the kids don’t eat the spicy crawfish (I pack them a lunch), they love running around the park with their newly made friends. They also brought home a live crawfish as a pet. Unfortunately, Flippy didn’t live very long. But at least we saved him from being eaten.

Crawfish with sausage, potatoes, and corn

About 15,000 pounds of crawfish were trucked from Louisiana and cooked on site with giant scoops of spice mix. They make my mouth burn, but in a good way. We washed it all down with plenty of Abita beer–brewed in southern Louisiana.

Kim with husband at crawfish boil

The DC crawfish boil gets bigger every year and this year, the lines were long. So we made friends with the folks around us in line while we waited for some good eats.

Crazy crawfish faces

I’m glad we had a fun family day before the kids left to spend the summer at Camp Grandparents.