When You’re Feeling Unmotivated in the Kitchen

Cookbooks and coffee

As the person who prepares most of the meals for my family, I hate being stuck in a rut. Or even worse, feeling unmotivated in the kitchen. Since we returned from our Disney trip, I’ve been going through the motions for mealtime prep.

I cooked because we needed to eat, but my usual joy during the process was missing. It’s not to say the meals were subpar. I made my usual go-to meals such as sesame noodles (but no sesame oil because I was out), chicken enchiladas using rotisserie chicken, and beef stew. Those are the only ones that I remembered. I might have even pulled out some boxed macaroni and cheese.

I needed an intervention. STAT!

Time to pull out some cookbooks. Not just any cookbook, but new to me ones. I understand the convenience of digital cookbooks but something about turning the glossy pages of hardbound food porn really gets me going.

Reading cookbooks on patio

After browsing the new books section at my library, I settled on Classic Cookies with Modern Twists by Ellen Jackson. (That’s an affiliate links.) I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately and cookies are basically the instant gratification of the dessert world. These coconut lime washboards look good.

The other cookbook I borrowed is Gluten-Free Girl: American Classics Reinvented by Shauna James Ahern and Daniel Ahern. A close friend’s daughter is gluten sensitive and I wanted to bake something she could eat. As I make more friends who are gluten intolerant, I want to be able to  bake a dessert they can enjoy. We’ll see how the recipe testing goes.

Earlier this morning, I sat on my patio with my giant coffee mug and my stack of books. There’s something meditative about slowing sipping coffee and flipping through page after page of beautifully styled dishes. I also grabbed a beading book. Even though I don’t bead often anymore, I find inspiration in the color combinations and designs.

Here’s to finding joy in the kitchen again!

What cookbooks are you loving right now?

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