Back From Disney #DisneySMMC

Family at Magic Kindgom

We’re back from Disney World!

And we’re tired. Four days isn’t enough to do Walt Disney World. We got up early and stayed out as late as the kids could manage. I even booked a late flight back on Sunday so we could spend the afternoon in the park. Yesterday was a tough day for everyone to go back to school and work.

Family in DisneySMMC Photobooth

Spending 4 days at Disney World with my family was worth the early mornings and late nights.

Also: patting myself on the back for only working a tiny bit during our trip. Not counting the day we were in the Disney Social Media Moms conference sessions.

DisneySMMC 2016

I’m still catching up on emails and work that piled on while I was away, so I’m sharing some photos from our trip. I attempted to eat around the Epcot World Showcase. All those mouthwatering photos will be in a separate post. You can get a sneak peek via my Instagram pics.
Attacked at Star Wars Launch Bay

We visited the new Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios. I ran into some trouble with a Storm Trooper.

Riding Toy Story Midway Mania

Toy Story Midway Mania is one of our favorite rides. I think we must have gone on it 3 or 4 times.

Family at Mother's Day Breakfast

Disney treated us to a beautiful Mother’s Day Celebration breakfast. We had to dress up for the occasion.

I’ll share all the yummy eats on the next post!

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