How to Host a Creativi-Tea Party

How to Host a Creativi-Tea Party with Lipton Tea #LiptonTeaTime #Sponsored

When my daughter was a toddler, she and I held many tea parties. We had biscuits (British for cookies), herbal tea, and rock sugar. We even held out our pinkies when we drank our tea out of a princess tea set.

As much as I enjoyed our mother-daughter tea time, I miss adult conversation. This past weekend, I invited some friends for a Creativi-Tea Party.

What’s a Creativi-Tea Party?

It’s my clever play on doing some creative while stuffing our faces with good food and drinking flavorful teas in fancy tea cups. Before you panic at the word creative, the activity could be anything. I offered to each my friends how to make my Vietnamese bánh mì sliders. You could even print out coloring pages and set out pencil colors.

Creativi-Tea Party guests

The point is to sip some hot tea and just relax. All of my friends are busy mothers, which means we don’t take as much for ourselves as we should. (Guilty as charged.) See how happy and relaxed we are?

How to Host a Creativi-Tea Party

Hosting a tea party doesn’t have to be stressful. That defeats the purpose of having one. Here’s some tips that help me keep it low key.

Assembling bánh mì sliders

1. Choose a simple creative activity. Since I was serving bánh mì sliders already, I turned it into a mini-cooking lesson. I cooked everything beforehand and set it out buffet style for everyone to assemble their own. I printed out the recipe so my friends could make their own at home.

Banh Mi Spice Mix Station

I didn’t send them home empty handed, though. I know it can be tough to find the spices for the protein in the sliders, so I set up a spice mix station (based off my recipe) for each person to make their own.

More activity suggestions: Have a coloring fest with printables and pencil colors, DIY earrings, making flower hairclips, or decorating cookies/cupcakes.

Lipton Berry Hibiscus in Fancy Tea Cups

2. Serve good tea in fancy tea cups. I don’t have a matching tea set but I do have a few tea cup and saucer sets I thrifted. The delicate ones that I’d never use with the kids. They make me feel fancy and special. Any self-care that makes me feel special is good self-care.  If you want to get even fancier, serve the tea with sugar cubes, honey, and milk–like the British.

Lipton Tea selection

The kind of tea you serve is important too. I grew up drinking Lipton Tea and was excited by their new flavors. Inside the bold packaging are bold and exciting flavors. The herbal Lipton Berry Hibiscus was the most popular with my friends.  I like caffeinated tea so my favorite is Amazingly Grey black tea. Not only did they smell amazing while they brewed, they tasted great too. I made a pitcher of Green Tea with Honey iced tea for anyone who didn’t want hot tea.  Check their full line up of  tea flavors here.

Hot water tip: Before my guests arrived, I heated water in a tea kettle and transferred into an Thermos. This way the water stayed hot and ready when my guests were.

Tea Party Selfie

3. Eat, drink, and be merry! As a hostess, I find it hard to just sit and enjoy any of my parties. I prepped as much as I could before hand so I could spend time with my guests. You know, have adult conversation. We discussed everything from good food to books to crazy things our kids do. Lots of laughter meant the party was a success.

Personalized Mugs with Lipton Tea

4. Send home self-care packages. The two hours of our tea party flew by. I was sad to see everyone go, but I made sure they left with a personalized mug and their own selection of Lipton Teas. I bought inexpensive mugs from IKEA and drew each person’s initial on it with a paint marker. (Follow the marker instructions to set the paint.) If you don’t want to decorate mugs, just pick up some cute ones from your favorite store.

Now my friends can sit down for their own personal Lipton Tea time whenever they want!

Have you ever hosted a tea party?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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