First Day of School Rocked!

Sophia Jaxson First Day of School 2015

Can you tell the kids were excited to start school?

Jaxson was especially excited. As a kindergarten student, he experiences the full shebang: bus ride and a full day at school. I confess I was a bit worried about his first day. When I picked them up from the bus stop, he was all smiles.

We started this Monday. Jaxson was worried that I’d be lonely at home all day without him. He assured me that he would have plenty of fun at school and I’d see him afterwards. So cute. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was looking forward to the peace and quiet.


Every morning this week, Jaxson has woken up and announced how excited he is to start school. His reading ability grew by leaps and bounds over the summer. He declares often that he loves learning. This makes me so happy!

Sophia is already thriving! She and her best friend are in the same class again this year. Fourth grade means more responsibility, including more math homework. She’s in a faster paced math program which is good for her because I think she got a bit bored last year.

As for me, I’m finally getting into a routine. Today I even did some yoga! Sitting at my desk all day isn’t good for my body so I’m working on doing a little bit every day.

Have your kids returned to school yet?

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