9 Must Have Multicultural Craft Supplies for Kids

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Must Have Multicultural Craft Supplies for Kids via I'm Not the Nanny

After my last post about multicultural art supplies, I had to make another one about craft supplies! No matter what skin color your family is, giving kids the option of different colors is important. After all, they might want to create their friends and families who might not the be the traditional “peach” color.

Must Have Multicultural Craft Supplies for Kids

Who doesn’t love playing with modeling clay? I love how it squishes between my fingers. This set of skin tone modeling dough can reused or left to air dry for a permanent piece of art.

If you don’t need 6 buckets, try this smaller pack of Sargent Art Colors of My Friends Clay. Modeling clay is stiffer than playdough, so you’ll need to knead it a bit before it becomes soft and pliable.

Not good at cutting out people? These People Shapes come in 12 different colors!

These Face Pads would be fun for self-portraits!

Yay for multicultural construction paper! This set includes assorted skin-tone shades and complementary facial feature colors.

Multicultural chenille stems Remember when we called these pipe cleaners? Bend these into people or pipe cleaner pets!

Creativity Street Wonderfoam Multi-Cultural Colors While these foam only have 5 different skin tones, it’s a good start.

Kids of the World Foam Activity Kit

I love foam kits because they have everything I need. I’m crafty, but I dont’ always have time to prep supplies for art projects. This Kids of the World foam activity kit cute looks super fun. It would be perfect for a birthday party craft activity.

Loom Band Doll Patterns with Skin Tone Bands

Loom Band 2″ Doll Patterns Advanced DIY Kit  Technically not art supplies, but perfect for crafty kids who enjoy the Rainbow Loom. They can make loom band people in different colors! Or just add some skin tone rubber bands to your existing kit.

Make sure you check out my list of multicultural art supplies!

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